We’re Better Together 


Why We Have Small Groups

As a body of believers in Christ, we have an obligation to minister to one another and reach others. True ministry does not happen in the context of a large gathering, like a worship service. It happens amongst a group of friends. We have small groups so that people can connect to others, build relationships and have the opportunity to be ministered to and minister to one another.

What Is A Small Group

A Small Group consists of 4-15 people (sometimes more) who meet weekly for the purpose of spiritual growth and evangelistic outreach (with the goal of multiplication), who are committing to participate in the functions of the local church.

Why Join A Group

We need each other. Sometimes we like to think we can exist apart from other people, but God has designed us in such a way that we need one another. We also need to experience spiritual growth and transformation. Being a part of a small group gives you a place to grow in your walk with the Lord by learning to live out your faith with a group of close-knit friends. We believe so strongly in the importance of being involved with a small group that our expectation is for everyone to be connected to a group for Bible study, prayer, fellowship, outreach and relationship building.