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Your Part


Prayer is vital to the success of our FOCUS campaign. We trust that you will begin to pray for our church as we begin this new journey. We are challenging each person to commit to pray throughout FOCUS.


Attend each week. You’ll learn about stewardship, generosity, hearing from God and more.

Talk about it. Engage with your Small Group, your family or friends in conversation over what God is teaching you and ask what He’s teaching them.

Use the Commitment Guide. We’ve provided a Commitment Guide in the following section to help you through the prayer and decision-making process. Take advantage of this guide and the practical tips it offers.

Hold a Commitment Discussion. We encourage you to have a Commitment Discussion following our upcoming sermon series, whether as a couple, family (include the kids), with an accountability partner or another person with whom you can share what God is leading you to give. 


Be obedient as God speaks to your heart through the prayer process and ask others for prayer to help you keep your commitment. Although we are making individual commitments, we’re all in this together! Let’s encourage each other to remember that the ultimate goal of FOCUS is to bring men, women and children to Christ.