Christian Persecution in America

We are the Watchmen on the Wall, a subcommittee of the Christian life Committee.  To understand our purpose, refer to Ezekiel 3: 16-18, 33:2-3 and 2 Kings 9:17.  We plan to issue warnings of serious evil and oppression being imposed on our nation and our people by the serpent. Listed below are some of the aspects of persecution we will be dealing with.  Suggestions for others are most welcome. The prioritization of topics will remain open to allow for response to changing concerns as time passes.

Christian Persecution in America

Our first warning is Persecution of Christian Believers. It is occurring at an increasing rate in America.  It is subtle in some cases. Still in others it is obvious but only in small increments, and in others it has become quite brutal. It has developed into a broad front and we will do our best to deal with each element of it in turn. 

The decay of our culture, our ethics and personal responsibility is contributing to the growth and power of non-believers in their quest to destroy the power of Jesus by destroying the power of the Church.  President Johnson gave the persecution process a big boost when he got the “Johnson Amendment” to the tax code put in place.  This caused most churches to believe that they had to become a 501(c)3 corporation to preserve their tax-exempt status.  This trick provided the Federal Government immense power over the Church and violated the original intent of the Constitution.  It had the effect of injecting a high level of fear amongst the Clergy of the Church across almost all denominations and was very effective in creating a separation of the Church from political activism.  It is working well for the non-believers.  The Church remains mostly silent with a few exceptions by brave and wise men and women.

The persecution war, and it is a war; has developed several important fronts.

  • Promotion of Islam and Sharia in America
  • Education in our grade, high school and universities
  • Elimination of open Christianity in the Military.
  • Promotion of sexual depravity.
  • Forced violation of Christian Beliefs.
  • Financial.
  • Violent confrontation including terrorism.
  • High profile court battles.
  • Forced removal of Christian Memorials and Traditions.
  • More churches will be destroyed as in Europe.
  • Intimidation and job terminations.

What should we do? We must start asking ourselves these questions.  What would Jesus do?  What does our Father expect of us?  If this happened to you, do you have a plan of action in place? It could happen to our families, our Church or any one of us. 

If we maintain our current position and attitude towards these movements, what will happen?  In a few more years we will no longer be a Christian Nation and Christians will be treated as targets for Islam by our own people.  We will be forced into anti-Semitism because that will become America’s policy.  The Church will be forced underground as it is in many countries like China.