Oakland Heights Baptist Church held a church conference on Sunday, August 27, 2017, and voted to affirm the following recommendations from the Strategic Planning Committee.

Recommendation 1

The Strategic Planning Team recommends the start, continuation or strengthening of the following: 

  • Off Campus Small Groups    
  • Contemporary Worship Service Option
  • Cultivate a calendar of family activities
  • Curriculum focused on young adult needs    
  • Vibrant Children’s Week-Day Ministries     
  • Morning and Evening Vacation Bible School 
  • Children’s Church
  • Offer a variety of multi-generational service opportunities (such as:  Legacy Banquet, adopt a grand-parent, adopt a college student , etc.…)

Recommendation 2

Select a team to bring recommendations to the church body, including projected costs, for upgrades to our current campus facilities. The team will have the authority to utilize architects and other professionals necessary to accomplish this goal.

These upgrades might include: installing a digital sign on Judson Road, equipping the Family Life Center for a contemporary service, renovating existing restroom facilities, building a coffee shop/commons area for fellowship and equipping the Chapel with technology and items necessary for Children’s Church.  

Recommendation 3

Select a three-person team that will work with our Pastor and staff to recommend for purchase a parcel of real property in the center point of a growing north Longview population to establish an additional campus.  This team shall be empowered to interview, select and utilize architects and other professionals to accomplish this goal.

Recommendation 4

The Budget and Finance Committee work with the Pastor and staff to launch an early 2018 Capital Expansion and Improvement Campaign. 

Recommendation 5

The Strategic Planning Committee recommends the adoption of the Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Core Values as printed:


Oakland Heights Baptist Church is a biblical community of believers sharing Christ’s redemptive purpose to the world.


Let’s Go To Work

Core Values:

Lead every person to Christ
Build a lifestyle of generosity through our spiritual gifts and treasures
Guide people to the grace-filled life in Christ
Serve others intentionally