One Purpose

Day 4 p. 33-42

The images of hurricanes Harvey and Irma are fresh on my mind. There were tearful heartwarming stories of people sacrificing unconditionally for the life of another. In rescue after rescue we saw people saving the lives of those they didn’t know, but had a need. Coming together with one purpose, to save lives! Keep that in mind as you read today’s Scriptures. It’s a clear picture of growing faith or growing unbelief! Just as Jesus Christ was about His Father’s business, so must we! The hour is very late, and the needs are great all around us. Are we on the rescue team? Get your life jacket on and share this saving message – that Jesus Christ died for our badness and was raised from the dead so we might spend eternity in perfect love with our Savior.

The part we don’t consider when the “waters” are rough is the great cost of apathy, rejection, and eternal separation ahead for those for whom the door shuts, the weeping outside for their unbelief, the lame excuses for not coming to the banquet table, the wealth and comfort of life that were more important than risking it all on Jesus Christ. It’s extremely painful to picture those in hell without the loving Savior and just wanting a drop of water from Lazarus’s finger for a moment of relief from the agony of the fire of hell. These are real consequences for NOT believing the living Word. “This life” is about the next life! Will you, and will I, move from passive comfortable understanding to volitional faith/trust in Jesus that changes you and those you are in contact with? Spiritually do we need a blood transfusion to change selfish temporary motives to Christ driven “purple” royalty veins? Will I, will you, risk standing for Christ and put my foot into the water? May we abandon self-preservation and security for the souls of others.

So, “let’s get to work." May our King be pleased with what we place in His hands. Ten fold, five fold? My prayer is that upon His return He will see that we didn’t rust out, but wore out. Until He returns...


About The Author

Kathy Baker grew up in Longview, graduated from Longview High School and Baylor University. She taught elementary school in Spring Branch (Houston) and in Pine Tree. Later met and married Mike Baker at Oakland Heights Baptist Church. Their three daughters are in Houston (Erin & Ben Jacob), Ft. Worth (Allison and Braden Allman), and Ft. Worth (Ramie). She teaches in the Homebuilders Department and is a group leader in BSF.