Love & Service

Day 35 P. 395-408

Today’s reading in John is the final chapter in Jesus’ ministry on Earth. It opens with the Last Supper, takes us through Jesus’ arrest, trial, crucifixion and triumphant resurrection, and ends with His charge to Peter to follow Him.

Throughout these pages, Greg and I both saw Jesus as the ultimate model for us in areas of love and service. Consider how He washed the disciples’ feet without any concern for the lowly physical position that placed Him in, or the dirt involved in the menial task. Practical application for us today? Maybe we shouldn’t be so afraid of how we look to others when we take on a project and more concerned with the need that we can meet. I wonder how often we mentally place people in a hierarchy of worth, and manage to elevate ourselves to a place where we do not even recognize the value that Jesus places on all people? Did you notice that the feet washing occurred before Judas left to betray Him? Jesus washed the feet of the man that He knew would betray Him and send Him to the cross! That death on the cross was the ultimate act of love as He laid down His life for everyone.

The word “love” appears more than thirty times in these thirteen pages as a command, as a pointer to God the Father, and as the example that we must follow if we are to lead the world to a saving knowledge of Christ. As I type these words, I cannot help but hear the Transformation sermon that Pastor Mike delivered on October 8, when he showed us in James, that scripture should bring radical life change in areas of speech, kindness and separation from the rest of the world. Today’s pages and Jesus’ example support that assertion as we think about our:         
         Words - Are they loving? Do they point the listener to Christ?
         Acts of kindness - Do we care too much about how we are perceived when (or if) we do them? Can we look beyond things like race, status, and beliefs in order to reach out to others?
         Separation from the world - Does our love for others set us apart from the rest of the world and show Jesus to all?


About The Author


Greg and Melanie Dulaney both grew up during the 60s and 70s. Greg in White Settlement, Texas as a scholar-athlete, and Melanie in Merritt Island, FL, a bookish band nerd. God, college and the Navy brought them together at church in Charleston, South Carolina and they were married in 1987. The next 30 years brought son Joshua, daughter Erin, half a dozen moves, three Master’s degrees, and assorted jobs. The last 14 years have been in Longview, Greg working for General Electric and Melanie a Hallsville librarian. Service at Oakland Heights Baptist Church includes youth Sunday school, music ministries, deacon, Mission Action Committee, and a mission trip to Slovenia.