Day 3 p. 25-33

We have a choice. We always have a choice. Jesus decided to follow God’s plan; He chose hardships and difficulties even death to accomplish God’s plan. “Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.” He resolved and dedicated Himself to the plan.

Jesus clearly tells us we need to choose to follow or not, because it will not be easy in this world. Count the cost, but consider the long term effects of being outside the will of God. 

It seems as the time grew near for Him to go up to heaven, a sense of urgency about teaching His disciples and followers the lessons they would need (and we would need), became greater and required more attention. Jesus seemed to use every occasion, experience, miracle, meeting and event to teach a lesson.

Are we the Harvest or are we the Workers? Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Are we not some of both? Or at least don’t we have an opportunity to be both? It seems as if I was harvested at some time by workers and now the question is for what reason and purpose? Obviously, to be saved and have a place to spend eternity, even to be in and seek a relationship with Him as long as I remain on earth. Is there more?  Should I not answer the call? Should we not all answer the call to become temporary workers in this time to bring in a greater harvest?  

What is the Harvest I should seek? Is it just other Christians to join our Church? I think not. Of course we would love fellow like minded believers to be on mission with us here at OHBC. The mission though, is to harvest a crop of unbelievers and turn them into additional workers to have an even bigger harvest. 

This passage has a multitude of lessons, but to sum up, we are to be balanced, on guard and ready. Understand the law and right and wrong. Teach the law. Teach right and wrong, but do not do it in such a way that is just about judgment. Understand why the law exists to convict us and lead us to an understanding of the Grace and Mercy of God through Jesus His Son. Check your judgmental attitude at the door of your own conscience and leave judging others to God. The funny thing is and the unique thing is that judging and considering conduct is called for, but it is introspective in nature. We are to constantly be looking at our lives and choices we have made and will make through a lens of the Holy Spirit and the commitment, we made voluntarily, to call upon Jesus to be our Lord and Savior.

What did Jesus do? He came to serve and save us all. Even those we consider enemies or unworthy to be saved and served. What should we be doing as his disciples? Make a choice every day to do likewise love others and serve them so that Jesus can and will, through the power of the Holy Spirit, save them for all eternity.

Jesus was Man and God. The Man side always had to act out of intention and will. We are Men and Women and always have to act out of intention and will. Thank God we have been sealed with and given the Holy Spirit that works with and through us to give us the ability to be intentional in all things day by day.


About The Author

Ed Merritt is 60 years old, married to Suzanne who coaches the tennis teams at LeTourneau University. They have two children, Jessica LaRue and Jacob. Jessica and husband Alex have a son, Elliot, who is Ed's favorite! Jessica is an attorney and works with Ed in his Law firm. Jacob is a Pastor in a small church in Alabama. Ed has attended Oakland Heights Baptist Church since 1981 and has taught various small groups since 1984. Ed loves his family.