Day 29 P. 319-334

The book of Mark begins with excitement. He performed so many miracles through these scriptures. Can you imagine being there, walking and listening to Christ speak, or even seeing Him baptized? Imagine seeing Him heal so many. We miss so many miracles today because we are not watching. People expect a miracle to be something big like parting the sea or raising someone from the dead. God performs miracles every day. Challenge yourself every day to look for things you know came from Christ.

I once died for eleven minutes. To me, that was God raising me from the dead for Him to allow my heart to beat again. God gave me life at birth. He gave me eternal life when He saved me and forgave me. He gave me life a third time when He performed a miracle to bring me back from death. He told them numerous times to go and not tell. I really hadn’t thought about that too much until reading these verses again. He did not want people to see the miracles that He performed, but the message that He had to bring.

We are to follow Christ just as the disciples did. He chose each of us to be here to spread the gospel. We should be telling people of the awesome love He has for us, and what He did for us by dying on the cross. 

He knows what is best for us and we should have the faith to know that. Remember the woman who had faith enough to know that if she could just touch the hem of His garment she would be healed in Mark 5:28? Sometimes I believe we don’t even have the faith of a mustard seed. The seed that is the smallest of all seeds as described in Mark 4:31.

In Mark 7:6-7 Christ talks about hypocrites, pretending to be something you are not. The Pharisees did not worship God for the right reasons. They felt they needed to take precautions to be clean on the outside but God sees what is on the inside.

In Chapter 8, He talks about fulfilling the needs of others. He fed 4,000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish. Do you feel that God is too busy to be aware of our needs? He knows our needs even before we ask.

We should be thanking God for what He has provided for us daily. We should take every opportunity to share the gospel with everyone. Christ died so that we can all be saved and be with Him forever.


About The Author


Cindy Clark is the Family Life Center Director at Oakland Heights Baptist Church. She feels blessed to have worked at OHBC for 28 years. Cindy has been married to husband, Dub Clark, for 40 years. They have 3 children, Georgetta Davis, Brad Clark and Rodney Clark and blessed with 3 beautiful granddaughters, Roxie 8, Ella 6, and Charleigh 5. Cindy was a member of Simmons Hill Baptist Church for 46 years, prior to OHBC. She gave her life to Christ when she was 12 years old and seeks to serve Him in all that she does.