Life Hacks

Day 28 P. 311-318

It has always been said that the Bible is the guide to everyday life. In reading James, I have come to discover how simple God makes it to understand how life is to be lived in His way, and for His glory. James speaks on the topics of anger, wisdom, discrimination, and controlling the tongue just to name a few.  What I realized in this reading is how relevant each of these directions are. While thousands of years separate the people James led, “the community of his followers in Jerusalem,” and us living today, time has done nothing to change the problems that are faced by His people.

In readings James, it became obvious that understanding how God wants us to live can be so incredibly simple. Although actually living it out is the challenge. It is almost as if God created a “Life Hacks” story long before YouTube/Pinterest/Facebook “Life Hacks” were ever imagined. He knew then that the people of Jerusalem needed guidance on how to live their lives for Him, and the same goes for us today. While it is easy to follow His word during the good times, the difficulty is found in enacting His directions during the hard times, or valleys, of our life. James reads, “testing of your faith produces perseverance.” The sufferings of this world and the problems we face can be extremely disheartening. We are encouraged to consider it joyful to face the trials of this life because it leads to spiritual growth and wisdom.  In this way, God encourages us daily to live out His directions, “do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” By following God’s “Life Hacks” for our lives, and living them daily, we are given the opportunity to live a fruitful life. 


About The Author


Sarah Miller is a daughter of Christ. By day she is a Registered Nurse caring for our Nation’s Heroes, and by night she is a wife, mom, friend, soccer coach, and youth sponsor.   She enjoys pulling weeds in her yard and watching the sunset from the nearby hilltop. She has a passion for chocolate and one of her favorite pastimes is singing “I’m in the Lord’s Army” with her 11 and 2-year-old.