Set Apart

Day 15 p. 165-177

In reading through the pages regarding the book of Romans, several themes that Paul relates to just seem to jump off the pages and will stick with me forever. In his usual writing style, Paul first defines who he is in Christ Jesus and then provides teaching and practical sections for the letter recipients in Rome that still apply for our daily use today. As Christians, we are servants of Christ Jesus and are called to be set apart for the gospel of God. Paul reminds us that we should be thankful and have a longing to share the gospel with all kinds of people. Not just to the Jews, but Gentiles as well. Not just those under the law, but those not under the law. Not just the rich, but also to the poor. Not just the wise, but also to the foolish. Not just the popular crowd, but to those sitting alone as well. The good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is FOR ALL! “This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe." It is our duty as believers to carry that message to the people God places in our path each and every day.

Paul uses the theme of slavery and rescue to point to the saving grace offered in Jesus. He relates back to Abraham’s descendants falling into slavery and getting rescued by God. God gave them His law and guided them out of the wilderness. We are all born as slaves to sin and death, but God gave us His only son, Jesus Christ, so that we may be redeemed through His life, death and resurrection. God wants and desires to rescue us ALL and have a relationship with ALL OF US!

Paul also reminds us that just because we have accepted Christ as our savior and have been forgiven for our sins that we are not to continue to sin. Christ paid the price for our sins. Is it okay to sin since we are covered by his grace? As Paul would often answer, “Not at all!” or “By no means!” So then why do we continue to sin? Why do we continue to desire the things of the flesh? Why do I do what I hate and not what I want to do? I believe in those weak moments we sometimes forget that Christ died for all of our sins. He cannot die again. Death no longer has a hold over him or us as believers. If we believe that Christ died for our sins shouldn’t we also remember that he is alive and living with God interceding for us? We are no longer slaves to sin and should live that way in this crazy world. As Paul stated, “For what the law was powerless to do because it was weakened by the flesh, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh to be a sin offering." Let’s start living as if we have been completely forgiven and really are free from sin. Rejoice in that burden being lifted once and for all. We chose not to sin in obedience for God’s undeserved gift. This is the good stuff!

I can’t make my own words illustrate the point any better than Paul did when he wrote, “If God is for us, then who can be against us?” What else are we waiting for?


About The Author


Chuck White has been married to Terri for nearly 35 years and they have two daughters, Katelyn, 19, and Madison, 16, all of which were saved and baptized at Oakland Heights Baptist Church.  Chuck accepted Christ and was later baptized at Sagemont Baptist Church in Houston at the age of 18 on a High School Senior recognition day. He is the proud son of OHBC members Kathryn and Charles White. Their family moved to Longview from Houston in January, 2000, in order to raise their children in a more Christ centered environment that included OHBC and their immediate family members living in the area. They are so glad to be a part of a wonderful journey and look forward to the many great things happening at OHBC.