Day 1 p. 1-11

Luke introduces us to several unlikely characters called to play a role in God’s grand story to redeem the world. The first was an elderly, barren couple (Zechariah and Elizabeth) who are informed that they will bear a special son who will play a preparatory role in God’s redemptive plan. This experience with an angel, as well as the part they would play seemed impossible. Zechariah was first afraid and then unbelieving, much like you and I are when God speaks to us of the part we are to play in His plan.

We are next introduced to a young woman, engaged to be married and ready to begin the life of which she had always dreamed: a wedding, a wife, a mother; in that order. Once again, God speaks of His plan for her; one that seemed troubling and impossible. She too, would bear a son; one with God as his father; who would redeem, and rule and reign forever. She too is afraid and must choose to surrender and follow. And yes, there is the evil one and evil ones who seek to thwart God’s grand plan through temptation and plans of subversion.  

Like these unlikely characters, God calls every believer to be a part of His story to redeem the world. This call requires the surrender of our plans and personal sacrifice in order to be a part of His story. It involves a journey of increasing faith that includes uncertainty, and following God along a path that is often foreboding and at times seemingly impossible. We serve the God of the universe who calls ordinary people, empowered by the supernatural force of his indwelling Spirit, to accomplish what only God can and will do.


About The Author

Kevin Bright has served in full time ministry since 2000. Ordained to the ministry at Oakland Heights and a former 14 year staff member. He currently serves in a pastoral care role.