Go Deep and Read Big

PLUNGE is a different way to read the Bible: less like a reference book, more like a story. It’s a new way to talk about the Bible, too: less like a Bible study, more like a book club. 

We’ve been told a lot of things about the Bible. We know it’s important. We know we should read it.

But we just don’t.

What if there’s a reason? And what if it isn’t just apathy or laziness or busyness? What if it’s the way we read?



PLUNGE starts with a 40-day journey through the New Testament. Reading five days a week, around 12 pages a day, you’ll experience every word. Our journey will kick-off on September 25, and we want you to join us as we dive into God's Word.


We’ve designed a Bible that lets you experience Scripture as it was meant to be read—less like a reference book, more like a story. There are no chapter and verse numbers, no cross-references, no red letter. The Books of the Bible restores the text to a more authentic presentation, helping you see Scripture in its original context and uncover its original beauty.


Join The Conversation

PLUNGE offers an engaging approach to Scripture. Not a verse here or a chapter there, but whole books read in their original context. It’s not another Bible study. It’s a fresh, open conversation about the Bible—one that anyone can join. As you read, think about the following questions:

  1. What’s something you noticed for the first time?
  2. What questions do you have?
  3. Was there anything that bothered you?
  4. What did you learn about loving God?
  5. What did you learn about loving others?

Share what God is showing you with others! Our church family will be using the following hashtag to share their PLUNGE experience on Instagram and Facebook.