everyday ideas for women encouraging women

What’s your place in women’s discipleship? Do you see yourself as a young woman, an older woman, or a facilitator of discipleship relationships between younger and older women? It’s likely you fit all three categories! Whichever group you belong to, here’s some practical suggestions.

  • Talk about yourself. Share your life, thoughts, and struggles. Let younger women “see your progress” (1 Tim 4:15).
  • Ask lots of questions. Listen. Be interested. Be slow to give unsolicited advice.
  • Tell women what you’ve been reading or thinking about. They might not say much, but they are listening.
  • Keep on hand some favorite books to lend or give away. Ask follow-up questions. Read a book about womanhood with a younger woman.
  • Share how you read the Bible and pray. Talk about how you deal with temptations to worry or gossip.
  • Invite women into your home. Let them see how you run things. Teach a young woman how to make and keep a budget. Don’t try to make your house look perfect.
  • If you’re married, welcome a single woman into your family, especially on difficult occasions like New Year’s Eve. Let her see your struggles so she doesn’t idolize marriage and family life.
  • If you’re single, model godliness in long-term singleness: show how your trust remains firmly in the Lord and how you serve him in your circumstances. Model godly relationships with the opposite sex.
  • Give practical help to younger women. Look after a single mum’s kids. Ask an international student over for dinner. Visit a depressed woman every week. Clean or do a load of washing for others during times of stress.
  • Enlist young women’s help in helping others. Spend a day together cooking casseroles for people in your church. Visit an old peoples’ home. Teach small groups together.
  • Be generous with praise and encouragement: “It’s great seeing you reaching out to women at work” or “Your children are a delight. You’re doing just fine; hang in there.” But don’t flatter for the sake of it.
  • Be intentional when you go to church. Sit next to a younger woman and ask how she’s going as a Christian. Pray for the women at church.
  • Befriend the teenage girls in your church. Go to the young people’s service.
  • Be involved in women’s lives. Ring them up. Remember their details and ask about them.
  • Write a younger woman an encouraging note, telling her how you’ve seen her grow in godliness.
  • Call a young woman each week and ask how you can pray for her.